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Going through a breakup, just cant listen to any songs related to him, it just stings the way he used to make me feel, the way he cared for me and every little thing. It just hurts a lot. I wanted to marry him but his family wont allow because of social stigma. And it seems as if he has already moved on or maybe he is just trying. 5 years of relationship ended SUDDENLY. I cant be with anybody else now, i feel the way he spoiled me like a hero in a movie, it just hurts to even think that he will make his wife feel that way. I feel jealous already.
Cant listen to songs can’t go anywhere just because all the fun adventures we used to do, it all keep coming back. Just cant step out of the house. I just feel him every where in every way !
And the worst part that i feel is, he must be making efforts too, so that he could move on. He must-be trying to make me vanish from his life. I know he loves me too but he gotta listen to his family too.
It hurts so bad.
Am i being unreasonable or just heartbroken like anyone else ?
Any advice ?

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Hi my dear
Thank you for sharing
Can relate to every word written by u
My heart goes out to you
It is so so so so unfortunate
But see dear pls dnt get me wrong
If he has made a choice between family n u
Dear pls let him go…

1.Very hard to do…
But pls accept IT IS OVER
It will pinch
It will hurt
But reality is reality…
Come out of denial phase
2.Stop expecting or hoping that he will come back
Sounds harsh???
I m very very sorry
But just trying to help u out
Hopes will make up wait
N that way u will be stuck up
I have been through it
So drop that hope…
3.Stop thinking about it
Why it happened
If only
Drop all the ifs n buts from ur life.
Stay away from all the triggers that remind u of him
5.Disconnect of social media
No stalking him
6.Embrace the new beginning
Take baby steps towards new life
Keep urself very busy
N engrossed
Focus on self
On ur career
On ur family
Pursue ur hobbies
Follow ur dreams
Meet new ppl
Explore new things

It will take time
But will happen
Be courageous
Love pains a lot…
Pyaar mein bahut dard hota hain

God bless you dear
May u find immense light,strength n power

Take care…

Eat well
Sleep well

Stop thinking about it…pls


Hello kusum 👋
I really appreciate and honour your thoughts.
Thank you so much for reachin out 🙏 i will go through and follow these points for sure.
God bless you too dear 🤗
Thank you for your kind words 🙏


I feel stuck though because it makes me mad that he is already considering moving on. Am i not that worthy ? Cant he show me that he is feeling pain too ? Am i really in a denial phase or m i being unreasonable ?


Dear u are in denial phase…
U are not being unreasonable
What u want
Is obvious very normal
But see,
I feel u are deeply attached with him
Emotionally connected sort of
U arenot ready to accept that he is trying to move on
See in love
We are individuals
N each individual is unique
He cannot love u the way u love him
Not possible…
Here u seem to be too emotionally involved…
So u will have to accept
That it was more from ur side…
Always remember
Some relations arenot meant to be
Neither his fault
Nor urs
Just that it was not meant to be…
So pls pls just forget forgive n march ahead
May u find n cross road with ur mr right very very soon…

U deserve a lot of love n happiness
May u get it very soon

N also…
Never invest ur emotions n time on someone who is not returning it to u…
Or not able to return it…

Move on
U can
U will
Good luck.


I am reading this multiple times in a day now, helps me to boost myself.
Thank you @kusum
Such a beautiful soul you are 🙏
God bless you dear ❤️


Unfortunately dear i have only words for you
Cannot do anything more for u or to make u feel better

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