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God u know i try to tell myself you are gonna study dont getdiverted do good job but u know i got obssesed with phone i lack warmth in this world so i see the warmth stories in phone i think i have very goodparents who never asked me what i want to be because they want me to be a doctor i have to be i never wanted to become a doctor i just wish to help someone in some way and not by becoming doctor i cared for everyone fought for them and they turn cold shoulders when i need them they would instead discourage and criticize me when i have low self esteem their shitty guidance did not help me in any way i never experienced warmth from my parents even the photos on facebook are just a showoff that we are rich the reality is something else we are poorer than a beggar half of my father salary was eaten by home loan no most of it even though i am weak in studies he wont help me in studies he becomes calculative while paying fees he is like why should i earn for u people my mom she never cared about me all she cared about was my bro she teaches him he is the school topper and me a loser who didnt get good marks even in 10th in 11th i got good marks because myteachers supported me in hostel even though i was a very weak student and slow learner i scored 93percent by learning ip for 2 months but this year i dont know what to do i have only 4 months for neet and 2 months for ip i study hard but i forget what i study i critcize myself my parents have on me high expectations i dont know what to do i open my laptop to study and end up seeing movies i think learn 3 chapters and end up learning 2 and i have no idea how i am going to crack neet my school completed the revision of syallabus and i have too read lessons for weekend exams but i dont remember and forget what i have read pls helppppp me i know i am dumb but pls guide so i atleast dont get too bad marksπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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ok, first of all you are NOT DUMB. School results have nothing to do with intelligence. (this might help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqTTojTija8
Some tips I find helpful is write down everything you hear in class. And when you get home, write down your notes as if you are teaching yourself, and write it in a way you understand, even include jokes (you’ll be surprised and happy when you find one when you study). Highlight parts in your favourite colours and make your notes pretty. Listen to music like Two Steps From Hell (heart of courage, strength of 1000 men, secret melody, never give up on your dreams I find inspiring) it’s motivational but has no distracting lyrics. Work on 2 projects at once, so you can procrastinate one by doing the other, and when you need a break, have one. Watch a episode of TV, stretch, have some water, then get back to it. And remember to reward yourself for you efforts with bubble baths and books!