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Triv Ial @nixithid

God does not work in mysterious ways.

Today I found a couple of ranches from a takeout order from the other day, and I decided to use them for some pizza today. Yes, Iโ€™m one of those guys.

One of the ranches looked a bit off and I assumed it was guacamole. When I tried to pour it, the substance was too thick and would not plop out of the little container. So I went to get a spoon. Spoon in hand, I decided to taste a little bit of it before I poured it onto the pizza. The tiniest drop of this substance touched my tongue, and I felt a spiciness so strong, it felt like the sins of my forefathers were being purged from history.

I dread what may have happened had I taken an entire bite.

I realized then that if it wasnโ€™t the Divine One up high, it was at least someone from his court keeping an eye on me. Or so I wish to think.

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