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From tomorrow, I’ll be alone here in this new city for almost a year or may be more. I’m scared, feeling anxious, in short-facing multiple emotions. It’s not like I haven’t been alone in the past (away from my family) but in this past 1.5 year, I developed a habit of sleeping next to my mom and now I’ll miss that.
It’s so strange that in life to achieve something (which is uncertain, temporary) we have to deliberately choose to stay away from our most certain parts (people) of our lives.
I hope this all will be worth it and I make her proud.

Post anonymously?

You will…✨ Definitely… My wishes are with you🤞🏻
And make your success worthy of living away from your parts💞


You surely will just don’t let this loneliness overpower your emotions and growth I live alone as a girl I could understand u


Hey Sayuri ! Being away from mom is definitely hard , but this is the time you get good exposure of the outside world ,start doing something you love to do … when u don’t get sleep just try this , breathe in and breathe out 10-20 times you will definitely get relaxed and feel better . Make new frnds , a new environment is always good , see the brighter side this gives u happiness go towards it and frequently talk to mom, listen to relaxing music there are lots of it on YouTube … you are a rockstar you can go on and on . All the best


Its okay my friend

You know na, kuch paane k liye kuch khona padta h:; I know it’s hard to be apart from your most loved ones. But just imagine, when they will see you as," A SUCCESSFUL PERSON" how proud they all will be of you.
Make them proud, Don’t quit.
All the very best:)


kaha? in Delhi?
wfh ended?