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From a few days I have not been feeling so great. There is a lot going on. Firstly me and my mom are not talking to each other because she wanted me to go somewhere but I didn’t want to because I was not feeling upto it and I hate going in such a state as people can see it on my face and ask me what’s wrong which I obviously double not want to share, I knew my mom would pick up a fight so I went anyway and technically if we see, I should be the one who has to be angry but she always does this Uno reverse where I am supposed to be angry, she will get angry and then I will feel guilty, but this time i am not making any moves to resolve it.

I may be wrong, I may not be, but one thing is I am not going to talk to her first.

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Hey I can feel you , being a daughter even I go through this and if you feel like you weren’t wrong in anything then obviously you shouldn’t talk first and let the situation cool down itself. But once you both start talking again tell her what is bothering you and why she should not tell you to go to the place again and again.


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