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For the past 17 years of my life, I have been always reminded of how skinny I am.
Whenever there’s any family function, before going there I prepare myself because I know those aunties and uncles are gonna say something about it, as always. It’s funny how they think calling someone skinny is a compliment. IT’S NOT!
Almost every December, my mom makes a new year’s resolution, which is making sure I gain at least 5 kgs over the next year. But guess what since the past 3-4 years, my weight has always been between 45-47kgs. (lol the only thing that’s constant in my life)
No matter how much I try, I just simply can’t gain weight. And at this point, I have accepted it, I have accepted my body, I have accepted that I can’t force my self to eat more, I have accepted that I can’t force my self to just awkwardly smile every time someone calls me skinny, I have accepted that I can’t gain weight through any natural means, I have acce…

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How many of lives have been ruined because uncles and aunts just by listening to their advices of how to become successful, do this do that. You just say to them “FUCK OFF” and i don’t know what kind of obsession they have to advice others. You are not skinny mate, it’s just people who can’t achieve anything in life end up being a barriers.

Not all are like that, there are some who we adore also. The above text para was for people who always want to put their noses in others businesses

Ikr!! Like relatives always tell you the randomest (not an actual word) stuff!! It’s so annoying…


I have the same problem😔 occasionally my family would bring up how skinny and childish my body still looks. What bothers me even more is how casually and jokingly they say it. “Your chest isn’t even a third of your aunt’s when she was your age”. I’ve started being careless of what they say and comeback at them when they say stuff like that, but their “I’ll let you be if you want to be flat” hurts even more. it’s not smth we can control. I simply can’t gain weight. No matter how much I eat, I’ll get back to my original weight at the end. I’ve become so self-consciousness