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For the last few days my body confidence has been negative and I just feel disgusted when I look myself in the mirror. I’m a little overweight and I accept the way my body is rn but some days are just pure torture on me. It’s not like hate myself or anything, it’s that, that I know I’m better than this and I wanna do something for myself…but everytime I plan to start working out or try eating clean i fail. I always come up with some excuse to binge eat or not to workout. I have lost the sense of discipline and I wanna gain that back soo bad!
I’m not trying to be that slim trim gal, just don’t wanna hate myself everytime I go out or look in a mirror. They say persistence is the key, then I’m very sure that I didn’t even locked my patience door, it just ran out real quick and it ain’t coming back :)
Any tips to lose weight and be disciplined!?

Post anonymously?

Just don’t worry. Love yourself the way you are. I am 110 kgs and I have been cheated on because of my weight. My gf would ditch me because she felt she couldn’t take me infront of her friends because I didn’t look good enough. She would cheat behind my back. So just don’t worry and start loving yourself only then will people love you.

Yes, thank you 😊



Girl same we should do it together, every time I walk past the mirror I look like shit, I try exercising for a good week then fail, ok one too I have is instead of calling ur self ulgy I watch this yt girl Samantha Jo check her out U might like her mindset and her positive where makes her grow and work towards the goal she wants. Look at the mirror and Say ur hot shit and maybe make a calendar write what U wanna workout in those days and eat and tick it in the way which is really helpful and make it colourful Sonu don’t get bored by it.

I totally agree with you.

Okay, will do check her channel out, thank you


I like when you smile. I like when you treat yourself better, do you think you will love yourself if you were few inches less. No baby girl love yourself in this body. I bet your soul is beautiful and you are unique in all ways.
Also I am 95kg 😂 but I am loving every inch of myself.
PS- Ever heard about intermittent fasting? Read about it and try it out.

Yeah I did try IF but it went like OTT and end up starving myself everyday. I did 16:8 one and ate my first meal at 12 which was soo difficult 🥲 I want results quick and I think that’s where I am wrong


So my brother actually lost 15 kgs from it and he pulled 3 days fast after getting used to it. My friend lost 5kgs just by following a major rule “no snacking and keepimg 8hrs gap btwn two full meals.” I would recommed you first get used yo no snacking rule. That will reduce carbohydrates so fast.

Okay thank you, I’ll keep this in mind


Hey Friend, first of all, let me tell you, it’s all possible.

Lost 10KGS in one month ending today, you won’t believe this but it’s true. When I started I did not expect that I will lose this much in this short span of time. Everyone’s body is different, it reacts differently.

Disclaimer: Did this very easily with the proper guidance of a dietician/nutrionist.

All this I lost without exercise and only with a low-calorie diet following strictly means very strictly. Did not had any food which is not recommended to me.

1. Your body has a daily requirement of a certain number of calories that you must have. It depends on your activity.
2. Only random calories out of only one kind of food will not help. You need to have micro-nutrients and necessary vitamins as well. In low-calorie food, you don’t get all of the things, you have to take multivitamin supplements.
3. You need to be very disciplined, in order to work. In the first 7 days, you will feel challenged but afterward, your body will adapt to this change.
4. Daily monitoring will help, a few Gms of weight will get lost every day, for measuring that you will need a weighing scale at home.
5. Losing numbers will motivate you to keep continuing.

Currently, I am working from home and did the above things easily. I can share more on this if you are interested. My diet is still in progress, my target is to reach a weight that is healthy in the BMI index.

Sharing this coz I have experienced the liberating feeling and a sense of achievement.

Hope this helps

Yes it did, and I would like to know more about your journey of losing 10kgs in a month! Oh it’s a dream to me seriously!
I know my mistake is that I want results quick and it ain’t happening…so that’s where is lose motivation and interest to work up my body

Also I’m like very confused with the term “calorie deficit”. On Google it says that we have to burn more calories than we consume in a day…and it’s just impossible for me to do! Like by working out I burn like max of 300 calories but by the end of the day by calorie consumed is around 700 to 800…am I not doing it properly or what?


First of all, congratulations on making up your mind about being healthy.

2nd thing is about the thoughts of ‘loving your body the way it is’, I completely agree with this, provided it should be HEALTHY. Loving the body which is not healthy, the overweight body is not a healthy body IMO, coz it might become the cause of many health issues later like Hypertension, Diabetes, etc. After all, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Also, there are many psychological benefits of having a healthy body.

To measure the healthy weight for your body as per your height you can refer to the BMI index. If not exact you should be at least near to the healthy benchmark.

I was also like you 1 year before, having no proper knowledge of diet, nutrition, and health-related stuff. There are so many resources/ coaches out there who provide guidance on various platforms - Youtube, Instagram, your friends, etc. But following everyone bit by bit will not work and becomes confusing. Also what works for them does not necessarily work for you. As I mentioned every body is different and reacts differently.

So I came across, one inspiring story of one person on Twitter and he was in the same profession as me, who transformed himself in the lockdown. I read about his journey and contacted the dietician who helped him.

After contacting them, they explained to me about the program of not just losing weight but making your gut health strong. I got convinced and thought of giving it a try. Paid upfront and thought again, if it doesn’t work what will happen, I will lose some money, if it works, I will gain a lot. So my journey started.

I started with clean eating in Dec, means, which is phase 1 of my program, in total there are 6 phases which are as below-

1. Phase 0: Clean eating: Gluten-free foods, milk substitutes, instead of sugar, honey jaggery, etc. Avoiding all packaged foods (For Dec, there was a 2 months gap, Jan and Feb)
2. Phase 1: Body detox: Having only what minimum required to body through supplements like vitamins, proteins, and only selected vegetable Salad. (Started on March 3)
3. Phase 2: Reintroduction food: adding dairy products
4. Phase 3: Reintroduction food: adding minimum risky products to diet and so on

By today Lost 10 kgs. I am at phase 3 currently, and in the reintroduction food, you need to analyze if any food is making you discomfort. So this is in brief about my diet plan.

Additionally to tell you about what kept me motivated is-

1. There is a WhatsApp group created for me, to log my details. In the WhatsApp group, there is a dietician, a doctor, a monitoring person, who tracks my progress. You can reach out to them if you face any issues.
2. I have to put the weight daily in the group in the morning.
Weekly I have to share my body measurements, chest, stomach, torso, hips.
3. After Phase 2 you need to add the food along with the weight that you had yesterday.
4. Being healthy is a good thing for which my family supported me in this.
5. Definitely, after following this your numbers will reduce and you will feel motivated to continue.

Once you continue for 15 days, then nobody can stop you. Since I have done it, I feel anybody can do it, and now I am trying to motivate people towards healthy living. My goal is to at least make 5 people healthy by the end of this year.

Now I will stop here, it’s too long. But I feel please go ahead and start working on yourself. If you need any kind of help please reach out to me. I am happy to help.

Be Safe, Be Healthy. :)


If you feel not easy, but remember it’s not impossible either.!!