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For some reason i always come on here with the craziest shit and then go offline for like weeks

Okay so me and my girlfriend broke up more than a month a ago
I broke up with her because she was really toxic like REALLY toxic

She was manipulating me, guilt tripping me, and there were just so many red flags so i decided to break up with her
It didn’t really effect me at first

but now it’s all started to sink in
I also lost 3 friends in that month because they were all being toxic to me in one way or another

So now I’m just alone and sad
I do have other friends but their currently offline
I really don’t know what to do
I’m feeling so much pain rn

I remember back in feb I was upset because my now ex girlfriend then crush, I thought she was straight so i was really sad and as it got closer and closer to feb 14th i got sadder and sadder and on the 14th i finally broke I even cried my eyes out when I was down with my friends

I feel like it’s happening all over again and Idk how to move on

Can someone please help?

Oh and, I like this other girl already
she started flirting with me and then i started catching feelings but there are still somethings i dont like about her and there are other reasons we cant get together. I already asked her out but we both decided to not date right now because of… reasons

Anyways, I mentioned that in case someone was planning to tell me to try and see other people to get over her


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U need to cut off toxic people for your own good . Toxic people really drain the fuck out of you . And when u are really close to them it hurts even more . But remember you left them for a reason . Your mental health your good . And it’s hard to let them go but give it sometime . Like you were good when you hadn’t met them right? This time too you ll be okay just give yourself sometime to get over them and everything will be alright . And u can talk to me . Share what you feel you ll feel light. Also do things you like and kinda keep yourself distracted or busy so that ll give you less time to overthink. It maybe for a few minutes but you did do it . I m here for you anytime ❤️


someone once said don’t ignore the faults in the person in beginning of a relationship because these faults become toxic for the relationship later.


How the hell you’re getting to know people during the pandemic


I knew all those people before the pandemic and they either in live in my building or are from my school


I have 5 best girl friends and like two best boy friends. I am a lesbian and I’m attracted to ALL of my girl friends and I’m worried that at least one of my boy friends like me and I don’t know how to prevent a heart breaking bc I haven’t told them yet, but that’s partially not my fault, I haven’t seen them in more than a year and a half. Also I haven’t seen my bbbbbff( I’ve known her since I was a newborn) in like a year and a half bc her dad says that I need to be vaccinated and she already is, and I’m just WAITING for me and her to play, have sleepovers, and get ice cream, and I cry thinking of her every single time 😢and I haven’t seen my other bbbff and I can’t stand it any longer, I have cried so much this past year and a half. So ZOE, KYLEIGH, EMILY, ELIZABETH, AND LILY, I doubt that you will ever see this but if you do just remember that an 11 year old Cora Daniel like you all of you😔😅☺🥲😌