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Feeling so left out of everything 😔
Faced a hear break year ago …still not over it
Feeling avoided by friends and family
Not able to talk to someone new or be friend
Tooo much overthinking… not feeling like posting pics or uploading stories
Not even able to concentrate on studies …
I just keep crying all day aloneee …
I don’t even go out of my rrooomm
Dont know whats happening …but thats so irritating and disturbing to me 😣

Post anonymously?

hey there you can share your problems with me here’s my insta isohamkanade

Listen its literally fine being lost sometimes… because something happened that you never thought it would…and the reason we are overthinking things it just we are completely attached to that thing…but you should know that most of our problem arises…when we underestimate ourselves…we underestimate our worth, we even disrespect ourselves for others…and what we got in the end they left us …its not they are avoiding you but they don’t understand what you are going through…now you develop self doubts , insecurities due to this…now the question arises what should we do in that?

You know the only person who is with you all time is you…and you avoid yourself … just to love others or to be friends with others… but what happens if you give yourself the love,thr care,that respect to yourself… developing a strong perspective… knowing yourself completely…if this will happen…at least you will be with you… I’m not saying you don’t need anyone…but right now you only need you…


Thank you so muchhh …it helped me understand💖


I can understand you. You’ll come out of it stronger. It’s just a phase. It will pass. Trust the process. Don’t lose hope


This shall too pass …and this will💖

Life isn’t short today u feel this tomorrow u will feel something else as u mentioned u r not able to study means u r a student u might have scored less sometimes but yet never stopped studies u had one may 2 bad relationship or some more yet life n time hasn’t stopped yet it’s hard to get over it but u will shine to nevertheless evry person has a day bad but there are good days to if u can remember recall bad things n memories then y not good recall good times ur achievement be it the smallest or ur biggest good score ur first award ur first bike or anything u rock n will keep rocking u r not less than anyone be thankful that u learnt a lesson for life that there r ppl who will come n go it u who has to keep walking not stop

Stay blessed stay strong 💛💛


Thank you for making me remember all the good memories of my life…grateful to you for this …yeah i will stay strong 💖