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Feeling so atuck, I don’t know what to do!
I was sick last time, literally very sick and I tried telling that to my mom and dad, they started having a convo of what to do, 2 mins later that convo got converted into a huge fight because my dad wanted to be the superior one and mom was annoyed of how he was behaving!
I begged them to stop fighting as I was sick but they didn’t
I feel so betrayed, annoyed and sad that all they say is ‘we do it for’ but that’s not what I wanted nor I was imaging a fight when I tell them that I was sick
Clearly they have issues with themselves
But they keep dragging me innit
I stopped talking to them
My sister says I am being this way for no reason, like is that normal?
I mean I cried whole night, didn’t eat properly, I still cry thinking about that night!
Like am I wrong?


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U r not wrong dude… u just need to convence urself to be strong try to avoid otherwise family issues literally ruins head n endup with overthinking, unhealthy body etc …


Hey buddy
Family issues are normal. Also the way u feel and this is also Normal. Now the thing is that you are sick, so please focus less on these parents issues. Focus on yourself. Sometimes is okay to be selfish in family setting too.
Your sister maybe is not bothered much with these fights going around, thus she is okay and can focus on her work…
Please take care.
Hope things will get better soon.


I tried ok, I did. I was avoiding any conversation with them, trying to focus on myself. I was disturbed. But then my mom turns up and tells me that, that fight was because of me, I was the reason to that fight. How is that even possible? I was struggling with myself. I never asked them to find I was just sharing the pain I was feeling.
My mom always does this, this makes me even more confused if I did the right thing or if I am the right child/ person