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Feeling really low today, being blamed for something that you were not even involved or when you have given everything to someone and they just talk bad about soo easily hits hard!


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so why you didn’t speak when wrong was done to you?

if you have not done, atleast speak. If you stay quite they gonna blame you further.

Again agree with that.
It happens a lot in my family
I get blamed for all my crazy sisters pranks.


you must be the elder one :p

Yup I am


enjoy this phase of life :)
its fun


I did speak, but my mom keeps telling me ‘All that she is doing/ has done is for me’ while that is not the case.
She just wants me to fight with my dad (who is a pathetic person & has betrayed us a lot of time) I did fight initially but this is like an everyday issue. I need some headspace for myself, I just cant keep taking it.
& Even after all this she states ‘That I didnt do anything for her’
also, she and dad have these inferior and superiority complex wherein they fight on every damn topic, irrespective of how petty that topic is & they scream, abuse and what not.
I’m 25, I’ve not even had a day where I was smiling yet I continued and then my mom says I have done nothing. Like seriously?
her words hurt me alot! because she is the reason I was being so emotionally attached to things!
everything seems a lie now


Focus on your career and yourself dude, usually, the people outside the family pull you down, but in your case, it’s your own family.

I feel your pain so much, I’m the oldest of my 4 other siblings, and I get blamed and they always use that “your the oldest so you are responsible for the things they do”. And they don’t even think about your perspective!