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Feeling low today 😞
There must be something about me that’s why people hate… (Even my parents too)
I try my best to make to feel them proud, help others and my parents in their work, give full support and respect to others and my family but guess what nothing…
I don’t want any big things in return…like nothing.

But seeing others and my parent’s face it’s seem like my presence annoy them a lot.
Even my parents just think I will not do great in my life …
People in my age vent too far, disrespect their parents, do whatever they want, has bad image in our area. But they still live so great life…

Is there living in wrong way…
Should I too stop doing good deeds too…
Is these Karma and all things is fake…
Should I’ve to become heartless so that cannot feel nothing towards anything…
I just don’t know slowly slowly I’m feeling like there is no faith … I don’t believe in myself to something better to improve it.
My believe towards God also starting faded.

I I just don’t…

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devil @its_rd8

Hey there i know how this feels but don’t lose hope u said you are not expecting anything in return then continuing doing your best don’t change yourself people thinking about others before them are rare to be found and if everyone is saying you won’t be able to do certain things then work hard and make them proud. You know sometimes what they say and what they feel is different so try to understand reason behind their words

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devil @its_rd8

Feel free to message me if you wanna discuss anything


Hi sweet stranger!
At times when our presence or actions aren’t appreciated by loved ones, we question our own ways.

Other people’s lack of appreciation or acknowledgement doesn’t mean what you are doing is not good enough. Our expections from them hurt us. I understand it’s not easy to not expect the bare minimum. You are right in your place to atleast have a positive response from parents. But if they aren’t capable of doing that, then it’s wise to slowly limiting our expections.

If possible please remind yourself time and again that you are always enough and everything that you do is always enough, it’s the best.
If possible, tell yourself I’m not going to kill the good in me just because of other people.

And yes, to release all the pain and suffocation you are feeling, you can be heartless for a while, you can choose to not help temporarily. Just do what your heart says in the moment. In these moments, you’ll understand how you actually want to live your life.

You are going to do absolutely great in life. You have a good heart. It’s scary to lose faith in yourself but everyday is a new day to start. Remember that always.

Lastly, make sure you aren’t killing your own peace or joy while making others happy, even if they are your own parents.

Take care of yourself please. Its okay to feel everything that you are feeling. Hope you feel better soon or find a middle way to deal with your parents.

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