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Feeling lost/alone ! Why is it that whatever we do for the family is never remembered and when we pinpoint at something we are labeled? I feel there is no emotional support in husband’s house…I being very emotional person gets easily hurt and all I expect is my husband telling its OK I know what u feel and I understand and m always there for you.Simple!! He has been there for me but when it comes to his mother he always thinks that she cannot do something wrong! There is no end for complains…I tolerate but sometimes I can’t take it it piles up and I end up bursting infront of my husband …and then the rest is history we argue and fight…then he tries to take next day normally but I can’t overcome to whatever is said to me and I dwell in that thought and suffer within…I feel as if I have done nothing or sacrificed so many things for them and I feel am I not good enough?.we do not fight much over anything except for his mother doings…i just cant take it how he blindly believe his mother and not emotionally support me over the issue… Just here to share my feeling

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