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Feeling kinda numb kinda not at the same time. All I want to do is cry but I don’t seem to know how to. I’ve been trying to feel emotional and cry by watching emotional shows which works at times and I can cry for a good whole 3 minutes but then I’m back to feeling the same crappy way.

All I know is that I want to scream. Scream so loud that it echoes loudly. I’m really messed up with all the anxiety, stress and overthinking I really don’t know what to do to find a lil bit of comfort.

Post anonymously?

Hey, first of all let me tell you, your feelings and thoughts are not crap. It’s really difficult to pass through a time where you can’t vent out or express yourself by crying. I am here to listen to you, please feel free to talk it out, whatever is bothering you, let it out. Few things are not in control, let them happen, Take your time, it will feel good. I am here for you if you wish to talk

Hey, scream in your pillow, play some bollywood sad songs, I just did that yesterday, nothing like bollywood emo songs to make you cry. I can suggest a whole playlist. I tried to suppress myself because after crying I wanted physical and emotional support but I had none but it’s really important to cry and let it out of your system. But it’s okay if you can’t, find other means, try your hand at running, maybe boxing or something more calming like organizing or cooking, if you are into it. There are a lot many ways to deal with your emotions and when the time comes, sit, let them flow because they will come and even if you shed a drop of tear, it matters because you are acknowledging your emotions, your emotions are valid and you have all the right to them. I can’t tell you everything will be all right, but I can tell that no matter what you got this, and it’s okay, you are not a mess, having depression, anxiety is valid and need not feel bad about yourself