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Feeling different, mental torture

Past one year life is like hell inside to me, worst experience never experienced, the one who trusted n wasted my life to anyone else in my life bullied me n left me like anything, worst days are running.

Post anonymously?

Bullying pricks alot…
Breaking of trust also pains alot
But you are stronger than you know…
May u have more power n strength…
Yes it might really be a very tough phase for you…
But have 100% faith in urself
This too shall pass…
Pls try diverting n absorbing ur mind in something u like to do…
God bless you.
Take care



Yeah ur right thank you, hope things will become better


Dea… You have to stand up for yourself. Am not sure but
⬆️this might help click the link above.

Hope it’ll help uh😇



Yeah thank you, I will check it out



Am working in private company since 3 years, from day one I didn’t have interest in tht domain, I didn’t care much about my future, I hav so many different feelings, wishes, lifestyle, but due to some commitments, am struck here, worst phase ever in my life, however feeling quite good in this site. Thank you guys,


Hey soemtimes the best days in our life come after the worst ones and I’m sorry that the person you are referring to treated you this way. You deserve the world and I think that everything will fall into place. Just practice self love. Give yourself all the comfort you deserve and let things go. Wrote your thoughts on a paper and tear them!


@Anonymous thank you for ur words, yeah absolutely I will try my level best to be in best position


Keep trying and I am sure you will be able to acheive it!