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Every time I look at food, I think I don’t deserve it, so I try to skip that meal, but then I remember that I can’t let an eating disorder get to me. I am trying to amend my relationship with food and focus on my health, but starving isn’t the way.


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So i guess u are trying to lose weight?


Honestly I never related so hard, i literally feel guilty after eating a full meal, so that’s why i started working out so that I won’t feel like I’m just eating and stuffing my face, also if you want to munch on something na try like “healthy” stuff like if I’m craving chips I’ll eat popcorn, if I want something sweet I’ll eat dates and stuff then you won’t feel so guilty, hope this helps, ik how frustrating it is but don’t be so hard on yourself 💕

So here is what my trainer says, “Eat and train. Don’t diet and exercise.”

And i started my weight loss journey from 124kgs in Dec 2020. Now I am down to 90kgs as of today.

I am never guilty about eating food. Neither should you be. Only that I have trained myself (mentally) to have proper portion control. And with the occasional cheat meals.

You will get loads of free ka advice on the internet for sure. Some do work for others. But for the majority of us who just love food, its difficult at the start.
Just try and ingrain some discipline in your lifestyle. That’s the first step. Rest of it just comes down to a habit, later on.

Proper and controlled starving or Intermittent Fasting, as it is known, is an option. Simply starving and then getting those nasty cravings, that’s bad news.

Don’t start counting calories. That is not for us. 😅😅 And yeah, try maintaining a journal of your journey.

And as always, have patience. Try staying fit. That is all that matters, in a zombie apocalypse.

Sorry for getting into “mansplaining mode” .🙊

I wish you all the best.💛💛


You’re beautiful the way you are


Not starving but control is what required