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Dont know what should i tell about what i feel.
Its nothing… nothing at all.
No pain, no hate, i just feel nothing.
I just see no point in doing anything.
I have done things, but what does anyone get in the end ?? Nothing… its all the same. Same shit all over again and again. Then whats the point ?
You put all the effort, you keep on clearing all your obstacles till you win one day but then what ? Next day you again lose the same, have more obstacles again.
I mean, i see no point in life.
Thats why i just feel nothing at all.
I am just living for i dont know why…
Without any purpose…
I am surely depressed as i have lost interest from everything, lost weight, and getting anti-social to a point where i have zero friends, no social media accounts, and i hardly go out of my house.
But instead of all this… i want to cure myself. But i dont know where to ask for it, and what will be the cost of it.
My parents are so careless that they will blame everything on me, but won’t help me out and will let me slip away further into a point where i will just end everything. I have explained it to them. But they never understand.
And i dont know if anyone will ever understand me.
Thats why i see no point in even talking or sharing.
As its just goes round and round… all the same thing, all over again.

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I know how monotonous life can get and sometimes it feels like we are no less than Sisyphus and that’s a harsh truth of life. But I urge you to find a purpose and that can be anything. I mean you cannot escape this nothingness, it’s a part and parcel of our very existence , that’s how people have busied themselves with all the materialistic things.

I really hope and wish you find your purpose but at the same time make sense of this nothingness too.