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Does size really matters. I mean if, we are just below average how much of a difference will it make.

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This is just a super hyped concept which came just from the over evolution of sexuality and porn … you tell me was this even a thing a decade or two ago … NO ! … nothing to worry … the person with 5 inch want his size to be 6 and the 6 one wants 7 and so on … and if it’s on girls … oh man they are never satisfied… but not every girl same … some are mature and responsible … this has nothing to worry … but yes you should worry if its less than 2 inches…


Take it from a woman, no, it doesn’t really matter. You can keep a person completely satisfied without a big one.
See, you gotta be confident about yourself. Thats the only way you can do it.
Nothing to be ashamed about it. Love your body as it is.
Right ones will get it.
But like someone said, not every person out there can ve satisfied and can understand this. So stay away from people who makes you feel bad about it.
But if it is way too small, then you gotta go to the doctor.
Stay strong:)


Size does not matter at all.
As a women
And techniques
These three things matters a lot.
There are 80 % women who won’t have an orgasm through penetration alone evn if she gets 6 inch penis. Surely she will enjoy penetration
Most women enjoy clit stimulation and penetration simultaneously to have an orgasm. So by this concept size doesn’t matter. How well do you communicate with her how well do you stimulate her are you asking for her consent
Is she comfortable
These things will satisfy her rather than a size of your genitals.


I’m below avg too. It sucks


I am a boy of 21 😅
And the real truth is,
It’s just a trend, and in reality most of them (mind) like small size😇

●Big ones and that body shape with big back, really feels uncomfortable to others, i mean as a human, that how she will walk, or manage to stand (not againt fat people😥)

●See, body with big size looks fatty – due to evolution, people are not attracted to them somewhat 🤔

●One who never faced pregnancy or not old have small size – so evolutionary people are attracted to them ☺️

So, in reality most people like small size, in their companions, friends, partner and loved once

But in prostitute, which they use just for enjoyment as a tool (as a thing)
People like big size

That’s what i feel