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Does it ever feel like you’re living in a bottle? Nothing different. Everyday is the same. You see the same people, you do the same things. And when you ask for a change…it just backfires. Does it feel like you want to help someone but you yourself are in a mess. How do you expect mw to clean your mess? And the worst part? I am an aspiring psychologist. See the irony? I can’t help others. I am unable to. I just feel too tired or irritated to do so.
Sometimes I just want to run away. But if we start running away from our problems will we ever achieve what we wanted to? In my case I need some freedom, a little peace and want to set myself free. No emotional baggage. Maybe sometimes running away is what will actually help. I don’t know. I want to leave. I have this entire idea of a perfect place for me in my mind. I see myself sitting in an outdoor seating of a cafe in Italy, content with my life. Ah, the mere thought of it makes me happy. However, breaking my bubble I’m back to living my “lovely” life.

Post anonymously?

Yes, this living in a bottle thing in this covid+ 21st century is quite common and the thing which makes me laugh is that see how beautifully people are enjoying their bottled up life. But this can also make you think, if they are doing this why can’t we.
See I know how it feels following the same daal-chawal routine according to kabir of YJHD (Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani) and surely we need some manchurian type of days but yrrr, at the end of the day we’ll return to our boring routine because acc. to me this is where we are comfortable.
About the mess part… Only you know about in how much mess you are and there are people who are more worse than you but still smiling in hope that some day this shall too pass.
Let’s have it us too.
You are an aspiring psychologist, this doesnot mean than you are not allowed to feel low. Everyone has their own battle to fight and during this war there are times when you feel low, lost, or even something worse.
I dont know you though, but i guess you will kill as a psychologist.
Lastly, running away is not a solution. let’s just face it and i hope you achieve your cafe dream.

Take Care.

I m sorry, if I crossed any lines while writing this comment.


Thank you, I really appreciate the message. Yes, looking at the bright side of life. I had this huge smile on my face while reading what you’ve written. Thank you!
I hope you’re doing good too. :))


Oh!! That means a lot. If you want to talk more. Ping me on @khayalaat.


You can be having fever but you won’t be questioning your Doctrate right. You may be whatever by your profession but you always are a human first. It’s okay to feel that way. Totally! Now that the pattern you have realised is not according to your liking makes you wanna go and start over maybe. I think it’s time you sit and decide you wanna make an exception or continue feeling pity about your bottled life so, try and do something different every single day. Maybe search about something you have never. Literally this could be easy as per your conveniences. You gotta make a difference for yourself for your life if you wanna see change. Watch a new out of the box movie maybe everyday. Do things you haven’t tried yet. I’m sure there must be plenty. Don’t loose hope. Emotional baggage can’t be skipped but inorder to feel it’s lesser presence we need to give our mind something else to think about. We need clear our headspace for new things to come. I hope My words helped you in some way.