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Does anybody know what is bad anxiety all about? I am a bisexual (a female but I am mostly attracted to women) and today is the first day of the pride month. Last year, with all the positivity around in the pride month, I thought of coming out to my parents about my sexuality and that recently I am talking to a girl, and we are on the verge of getting into a relationship.

Why is it so difficult for girls like us to express our true selves? Why do we always have to be so afraid of just being the real us? I don’t know about others, but I know for sure that my parents will straightaway freak out. They can never accept that I have fallen for a girl, and I has another girlfriend in the past. I still haven’t gathered the courage to reveal true self in front of mumma and papa. But this year, I want to try again. Even if the pride month ends, I will keep on trying again and again to break this in front of them.


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Awww hugs
I can understand bruh. I’m a gay girl and i don’t know when would i be able to come out even though i have a girlfriend and we are together for the past 3 years now. It’s alright though. I’m proud of you. You are courageous and brave. It will be alright . Just make sure about your safety and independence because that matters too when you are in a situation like this. Even if things go wrong. I’ll be with you my friend don’t worry


Yeah, a little about bad anxiety - When your daily life is getting disturbed by your excessive worrying.
And in your case, I can see that.

It’s really difficult to talk about our sexuality in our country and coming out to parents is a whole different situation.
I know the idea of telling this to your parents freaks you out so a lot of strength to you for that.
Maybe if you talk with your parents together with your partner, you might feel more confident in telling them.

Then, if you’ve seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rosa, you can always seek support from your Jake.