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Do you think.
Around the age when you are building yourself you should stay alone and isolate yourself.
Till you reach your goals.
Being productive, into social works and being able to manage your hobbies.
Still avoiding everyone even the ones who means you a lot ( ur family and girlfriend)


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I don’t think you should isolate… just balance time between both …like just make sure u r there for them when they need u … nd u can focus on ur goal too just have a balance


But I have realised as soon as time fades you are left with no one.
Like everyone has there own goals and need to focus on them.


Yaa thats true but as you stated ur parents like ur family toh i guess u should give time to atleast them


this put me into deep thoughts
brb I’ll think about it


It’s a subjective. If you’re someone who can manage career and relationship by no means maintain a balance between them. Otherwise most people are temporary in our lives except family. Never neglect your family because they’ll be always there for you. As for partners, they’ll come and go. You shouldn’t undermine your goals when a relationship feels too much work. Prioritize work. The right person will make it work and admire you for your goals and choices in life.