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did a mistake… i loved someone and gave my heart at a young age around 15
I didn’t know that it could be an infactuation
He is my relative 9years elder to me
I know him since my childhood yet I fell in love in my teenage… And I proposed him when I was 16 ( don’t judge me plz I wasn’t that matured enough to think before doing something) his answer wasn’t clear it was neither a yes nor a no
He said he would like to marry someone whom his mother suggests and said he don’t want to take a desicion but he said he liked me but not love and he also asked to wait
He was like let’s hope for the best but don’t expect I didn’t felt that It was a rejection
And continued to love half year passed he was close enough used to text everyday
I went bad on my studies then later I got to know he is committed to girl since he was a teen when I directly asked him about it he said that relation was broken which was like they were still actually in a relation but I blindly trusted him that he wasn’t mingled
I felt sorry when I came to know that his first love left him ( I didn’t know the truth then)
Even when I proposed him he was in a relation but still asked me to wait and this was the reason I got angry for few hours later I realised that ppl do commit mistakes in love so I didn’t give a shit abt it and I promised that I would stay with him
He was a bit shocked as I agreed him
We continued to be the same and he started feeling comfortable with me
After 3 months again I got to know that he was still in that relation
And I decided not to love him anymore
I dont say he is wrong. He wanted to save the relation with both of us ( his love and me)
But I felt that it can be betray for both of us and decided to forget abt it which it took a long period of time
I started to concentrate on my studies again they were boards but still I used to stalk him in social media
At that time I saw him posting breakup quotes /love failure quotes and was tensed unknowingly I made an attempt to know abt it and called him
He said me everything abt his love
He was sad as he loved her for abt 8 years and finally she left him
I didn’t feel like questioning anything abt his lies to me as he was already drowned in sadness and I helped him to cope up with that untill he became normal and that communication continued till date and am 18 now
Even when you ask him now he will say he doesn’t love me but still shows lots of concern which my frnds say its fake I don’t know his feelings, he says he gives me priority, he says that he is not interested for marriage but will say he is ready to marry every thing seems so confusing
Out of love I say he is good one
Out of hatered my frnds says he is a liar
He is open minded and started sexting …even I was okay with it as I loved him to the hell infact I was happy that he was interested to be open with me . But at some point I felt it was wrong because he didn’t love me
Sexting with partner Is okay but not with some one whom you don’t love
It’s lust and I don’t want it
But at weaktimes I myself forget my decision and go blind in love
People say he is using me but I don’t feel it…his concern, his gratitude in words don’t make me feel that way
Sometimes I feel that he doesn’t value me
Sometimes I feel he shows intrst in me
Sometimes he says he won’t put an effort for making my love successful
Sometimes he says I want me in his life
Sometimes he says enjoy present
Sometimes he says I am okay without you
He said " I am ready to marry you if mom accepts you and whole family is okay with it but I won’t at all put my head during the process you convince them everything must be your effort" .As he is relative and 9 years elder to me there are less chances for marriage and started to mentally prepare for it but physically he is becoming close
I don’t know what to do
Is it yes or no?
I am gng in a wrong path?
Will I be happy with that mentality?
Is his affection right one or fake?
Is he using me?
Am I gng blind ?
Shall I follow my frnds advice as they know me and my mentality very well?
Should I try to unlove him?

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He is using you . End line . The best thing for you to do is to remove him from everywhere and then try to move on. He said he wasn’t ready to marry , he said he doesn’t love you but still he is in someway leading you on which is wrong . If he was genuine he should have left you if he had no feelings or should have committed completely . Please stay safe


Yeah I would agree on that point but he also shows a lot of concern about my health and other stuff


Trust me girl it’s all fake .


Yeah thanks for the clarity😊

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