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Venting out.

I feel ashamed of myself, where I reached today, having negativity in me, can’t get out of my head, having negative vibes, I don’t deserve anything right? I am dumb, don’t know anything, what should I do then? If I am not understanding anything, what can I do? It is my problem that I am not understanding myself, I can’t change myself, can’t help myself. The problem is me. I tried and am trying no, but again get back to past self or worse, how much I need to hold on, how do I live like this. okay fine living till now no so should live like this now on too. Coz no one cares, ofc. I don’t know why even I exist… This mind isn’t supporting me, I am stressed but still doing nothing about that, lost all my energies, will, motivation.
Only thing that is good is I was so so strong holding on within from years that no one knows all this haha. Walking alone in the college canteen is easy? with all the social anxiety and loneliness. Sitting alone in the lectures around the people having fun, talking, enjoying. I never gave up. But now I don’t know how will I walk in there, when I talk to no one, how will it be, there is a meeting tomorrow, everyone there talk to each other, it’s just me who don’t have anyone to talk, gonna be a big big big task for me to face them and answer toooo


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I Can understand
I too have social anxiety…
And yehh I was feeling exactly same yesterday what you are feeling now…
Just don’t think too much about these things… I know it’s not that easy… But please divert your mind…
So I’m advising you… Please give yourself some rest… Sleep… That’s my coping strategy… Maybe it’ll help you :)


I slept, but can’t now


Don’t you have any other activity to do… What you like?.. Or just go for a walk

Heyy broo just relax for a moment
Ohh god I see theres lot going in you mind
Uk what’s our problem we want just postive and eliminate the negatives
But we need to understand with a postive there’s always comes a negative and vice versa
Just it’s that we take the negative ones too seriously , try to fight with it , eliminate , it’s better we can just accept as part of us ?
We fight we just get more attracted to it
Just accept is as it is
It’s part of u na , don’t be so harsh
Just accept it’s part of u
Nobody can just be postive, there will be some situation where u will be negative it’s just we do give a lot importance to them
Just accept it as apart of u
Whole heartedly ❤️❤️
Bro India ki population inti hai na who can u feel lonely. If u want to talk to someone the best we have here is rikshawalas they are the gossipers 😂😂😂
Jokes apart
U feel Like know one cares about you loves you n all n ur lonely
Instead of asking y it’s like that
Ask yourself are you really lonely, how many people you have in your life for whom you are grateful
If don’t have anyone then there’s no point in asking y , ask yourself ok I don’t have but what should I do to change the things
Just ask this question with great passion
U will get the answers ❤️
All the best ❤️❤️


First of all, being alone is not something you should be ashamed off. Listen i have been around and in a group of 10-15 people and trust me they are all sweet on your face and bites you back, botch behind you about you.
I know saying all this is considered to be easy and applying it in our life is much difficult, but here are some of my ways i use to deal with things and situations like these:

1) Try writing it down. Write down whatever you feel, how much is it intensity of feeling that emotion, what triggered that emotion, how are you feeling about it??
Everything; or else just write what you feel in that moment.
2) Try engaging yourself in activities which involves interacting with new people, people whom you dont know, dont share any common thing with.
These are the one who will never judge you.
3) Whenever you are feeling low or alone or having this feeling which you described over here; treat yourself with the thing you like the most, it can be anything.

Lastly, even if you did any thing which made you not to think on this described topic, reward yourself by eating you favourite dish, or anything that you like to do.

Trust me, it helps a lot.

If you wanna talk more about it, reply this comment.

Take Care buddy.