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Dear Ex ( don’t know what to call her )
I really feel whatever happens with us it was most unimaginable thing for me and I really feel that we deserve although I know there is plenty of other things to say or listen You know what I really loved when I hear you and see you that u wanted to fight with this world for your dreams and also I saw a strong character which was quite rare to find in these days and also a rare person and whatever happens between us I’m sure it is worst possible scenario for me and yes your thoughts always roaming in my mind and the way I talk to my own self it is like I’m just imagine you front of me and I’m not ashamed to say I still love you but I also wanted to say that I also feel that you are not worthy for my respect and trust and the way you treat me and the way you say lies and treat me very ill way it makes me sick from you and sometimes I felt it is you or I never see these things due to my own ignorance I always wanted best for you and i just forgive you whatever you did because I think there is somewhere inside there is a good person and there is plenty of things which I wanted to tell you but I don’t think it is better to connect with each other and I also learn that never trust someone blindly and never stay available everytime for someone because then they take you granted and also it shows me that love is quite rare because peoples don’t wanna struggle with you but yup they wanted to enjoy with you and if someone meant to you than they never say any kind of sweet words actually they speak truth and once you said that don’t expect loyalty to some cheap person I think you said that right and I wish you a great future hope your all dreams fullfill and wish you always smile because it is kinda good

Post anonymously?

Hiii, from what I’ve read I feel you’re quite emotional and sad right now, calm down. Things gonna be alright.
You yourself mentioned that sometimes you feel she didn’t deserve your respect, didn’t you? Everything happens for a reason. I know it’s quite difficult accepting that things aren’t the same way they used to be, but all you can do is stay strong and try to move past it.
I know you did your best, and you yourself wrote you’ve learn things, that’s all you could do. Try to accept things pal!
Good things are waiting for you trust me. And as a piece of advice, get busy in whatever stuff you like, try and explore things! This will surely help you get your mind off her.
Eat healthy stay safe. 💜
Take care💜

Hey I appreciate your valuable advice and yup I try to move on and work in progress but sometimes plenty of things comes in mind so it create so much mess and thank you pal


I totally understand. Things will be fine with time trust me.
Stay happy, eat lots💜

I think so that and yeah I eat sweets more because I love it and thanks for your kindness and compassion it is so much valueable for me


this is touching. im glad to see such positivity for an ex. and i can also see the kind of love you have for her. like how they say, this shit is rare. you get the same kind of energy that you give so yeah you’re gonna get much love and positivity. keep going champ. sending you love<3

I don’t know about energy or positivity and actually sometimes I don’t believe in those things honestly I generally adore things and yup we share many moments and I knew her little bit too so I believe there is always chance that she will stay happy at least and thanks for your love and kind words I believe that is actually I really wanted and smile because you make me smile with your sweet words and I love it thanks again


here, for you buddy. any day<3