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Sourav @souman

Often feel helpless in front of alcohol, tried a lot of time to get over it but it was a failure every time. New platform, new place and with new feeling hope this time i will win…

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Soorya @soorya

The alcohol everything else might give you a temporary relief… It can be very helpful but it’s only gonna last for sometime… The reality will still be there… Escaping from it won’t help you… You must face it… Everyone hopes new place new hope that everything will turn out fine… But no one really knows if it will turn out fine… It may mostly end in failure but that doesn’t mean you should give up before it… Keep on trying… If necessary keep on failing… Fail better everytime… And one day you will achieve your success… Don’t ever give up… No matter how tough the situations may seem… If you fall down pull yourself together and get up on your own… Love yourself… You are already strong… I believe in you… You should try believing in yourself too… This is not the time to give up… Charge ahead with full force… And make yourself proud… 🤗💗

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