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Sometimes I believe that our generation is cursed because our generation is most advance generation ever and we have everything that is impossible before some centuries or even impossible to think and then we are here most depressed peoples with advance technology our desires is beyond of our thinking even beyond our reach we want everything and that is most absurd thing because in this life we don’t get everything and that is reality and sometimes we don’t even care to know what we have actually but we care about what we will get tomorrow and we run in this same cycle and that make us depressed too I believe that depression is simply happens due to this thing that we wanted everything and in this time our desires is uncontrollable and there is plenty of ways where these things put in our brains that we will happy when we get everything and some of peoples actually aquire that but all world will get their desires that is impossible and then there is another things positive motivation look honestly our desires are out of our reach and if someone push himself maybe he can acquire somethings but not all and if you ask anyone it means anyone than this whole world is unhappy because everyone feel that they can gain some more if they did little more effort look everyone is different with there mindset and I believe if you wanted to something than first appreciate what you have because one day maybe you lose it and then you think about that day and regret about these times and once somebody tell me our problems is not that we are dying our problem is we are still alive and still we choose same desires without knowing why we need those things ??

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I think you are right and i wholeheartedly agree with you about this. We are always engaged in this race to acquire everything in the world- everything we ever wanted or desired for. We aim for the summit, we aim for the life that has everything we could ever want in it, but then what are we going to do next? what are we going to do when we have achieved everything? we are going to realize that somewhere along the way in our hurry we have lost sight of the little things that really mattered, that truly gave us happiness…and now we are empty handed. Because then we would have nothing and no one to celebrate our success with, no one to recognize our journey and to understand all that we have been through. And thats not really a win is it? If it leaves us empty in the end?
I think we can find happiness in the little things in life, in the small moments that someday comes to define us. But most of us have no idea, so busy we were in waiting for tomorrow. Being here, truly here and appreciating all we have is actually a very difficult task for a species that is always running in the search for something more and that can never be satisfied. I can only hope that one day we will achieve this.

I hope same but you know we live in past or either in future because it is easy to staying there let’s stay in present