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Crush hai ek Jan par never met him due to covid we are in the same college bohat baatein hui hai saath mein projects kiye hai almost roz baat Hoti hai almost pata bhi hai usko usse karna hai kisiko date par he ain’t ready ab as he has a fear of losing that person or Loving that person getting attached how should I really make him consider me and love me step by step he’s sweet to me and talks nicely also par mile nahi hai aur yeh fear hai toh baat bann nahi rahi kuch ho sakta hai iss case mein ?


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Just give him hints, flirt with him , guys tend to love girls who cares for them. Spend time with him , irritate him and make him smile. Ask him how was day or tag him in posts and even give him a cute name which only you can call , these small small things can surely make a difference.