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Geeta Nehra

I get confused on little things. At this time i am confused should i change my seat/library or not. Actually i get distracted very easily.My exams are near. Actually i am from very small town where libraries are only few. There are two good library. currently i am in that library in which boys and girls seat together. Boy sits besides me is very irritating. Actually he is my friend now but he just fight on very small topics that irritates me daily. If he will go then another boy will come there because there are only 5 girls in my library. And opposite gender seating besides distract me somewhere.I have just 1 seat option if i am going to change my seat. a girl seat beside that seat and also that is in corner .But on that seat there is suffocation and smell of washroom. These problems are not on my seat.

I have another option to shift library to another one whose owner is my ex. I will get a good seat there . There is separate area for girls. Also there is little small area to put books in comparison to my current library. The main problem is my ex is the owner of that library

Now which option should i go with …a). I should stay on my current seat …b) i should take that another seat in same library…c) i should go to my ex’s library

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