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confused hii guys scrolling throughout the day i have started hating this flex culture i hate doing makeup still seeing so much i ordered so many products i m trying to learn but i cant all i do is watch videos like why makeup is harmful…idk y but i keep watching…god pleasseeee i pray god to disappear social media,diappear makeup…i want to live in a real world not in a fake world of show off


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Dude i know right. People use social media only to show off , and that pissess me off every single time I open it. I even uninstalled IG. and i totally understand that its their life and i don’t have the rights to comment . it’s just my perspective.


Just be confident in your own skin I totally get it these people on ig but that is all just filters and editing .


When you finally meet the person that is right for you, that sees who you are, and loves you for who you are - you will be able to just be you - you won’t care about make up, or how others feel or think about you - in this life you are better off with ONE good person who loves you, than hundreds of people who like you. AND - you will only find that person by trusting yourself, as you are - being vulnerable and honest, and moving away from all the bad stuff.