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Confused…donno why i am acting stupid … i said some harsh truth n suppressed anger to my person… instantly he blocked me from everywhere as if he was waiting for this opp…i know there is no future but i keep trying to contact. When i still angry


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Exact same thing happened with me 4 days ago.
I’m still suffering & he doesn’t give a fuck about it at all.
I have my self respect as well he said not to contact him so i won’t.
But i’m crying every fucking day & night it hurts like hell.
Idk when will it end.


Thanks for sharing this…i think its time to stronger than ever n be best version of ourselves


Mayebe you diserve this cause you cant fuck up people one day and another day to act like everything is allright


Its not 1 day thing …if you see pattern for months and years then only you react in such a way