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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam


Aajkal lagata h,log yaad rakhna sikh rhe h and many people still do,I mean people now a days stress on gratitude a lot and it might pave way furthermore up to remembering beautiful things in abstractions(abstractions of what was(emotionally),and by this way men can compensate their non memory formations of good things(especially for things which have emotions involved(yes i am saying that men dont make memories,rather they keep delving into conclusions)(I am not saying that they shouldnโ€™t deleve into conclusions but I am saying rather they should take some time to make the memory of the moment keeping a emotional lens besides because them emotions are reality and whatever real your head might think that you are but if you dont remember them emotions,chances are high that you are away from reality(because them emotions are reality as well)and this one is crucial and might be heart wrenching that you might not be participating with reality/into real),especially regarding things relating to women,for example love,empathy,care,sympathy and what not which have deep emotions involved.


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