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Can I talk about my problems for a second?
1. my dad is an alcoholic and he is currently homeless, he was drunk and he basically said he didnt want me but now hes trying to apologize
2. i feel so lonely. i have friends but they never ask me whats wrong whenever i give them signs, but maybe its my fault because im an attention seeker
3. all 3 of my siblings are doing something with their life (were all teens) , one has a job , one is very creative and she sells paints , and one is good at makeup and doing eyelashes. everyone of them is getting money for what their good at , except me. im not good at anything. i play violin but i cant get through one song without screeching.
4. im a shy person and its very hard to make friends. its hard for me to look people in the face
5. im very insecure of my body. im 15, 5’5 and 180 pounds.
6. im usually slow at times and i feel like theres something wrong with me

Please someone help me. If you’re a psychologist tell me if theres something wrong with me or what i can do to fix some stuff. I can’t talk to anyone.

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anna @catgotmytongue77

This sounds like a lot of hard things that you’re going through. I’m definitely here for you. I think first off, that many are different people when they’re drunk, on drugs, or otherwise intoxicated. He most likely wasn’t thinking clearly. I would accept his apology(it’s hard for lots of people to admit they were wrong) but I also would tell him to sober up or at least to try to get his act together before you completely accept him in your life. Your safety and mental well-being in your life are more important than his addiction. Second, just because you want someone to notice you and take care of you definitely does not make you an attention seeker. If anything, the friends you have are not very good ones if they can’t see that you’re struggling or if they can see it, they ignore it. Maybe you should try directly telling them how you feel. Take a risk and put it out there and they will either become the friends that you want or you should try to get to know some more people and get some new friends. I know that’s hard for you but if you can, when you’re walking to grocery store or around your neighborhood, practice looking people in the eye. Start a conversation with a cashier, hold eye contact with the people around you, acknowledge that you are real and deserve respect.
Your siblings sound like they are very productive and earning their keep in a way that makes them comfortable and happy in doing so. Remember that even if they look like they’re getting paid for something that they’re really good at, it took them a lot of practice and effort to get to where they are. Try finding a new hobby or something that interests you. Remember that you won’t be perfect at it at first, of course not, but if you keep practicing you might get to the level where you can make money off of it. Practice the violin even more if you can.
As far as body image issues are concerned, only you have the power to let yourself feel beautiful. If you don’t like the way your body looks or feels then make a change. Start eating more fruits and veggies instead of sugars, go on routine walks every day if you don’t have a sport you can play or workout you can do, try running a few times every week. These are all things you can do if you want to feel healthier and prouder of your body. Through all this remember that you are unique and impossibly beautiful and you deserve to be loved and respected and listened to and place in this world.
(sorry if this was really long.)


Thank you so much for this. It really meant a lot

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anna @catgotmytongue77

of course!! I’m sorry it was so long :)


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