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I know how this feels, been here for so long. There were days when I would cry in school but just be normal and act like nothing happened when I would come home. All I wanted was someone to really understand what I was feeling and going through. I just acted like my world was perfect but it definitely wasn’t. I had no idea true friends. No friends group. The friends that I had asked me to get out of the group. I kept roaming around with my lunch bag wondering if I could sit with someone to have lunch


Sure always … Everyday u are having a chance to make friends with ppl already present in ur life and the new ones just try to see everything from a new sense and take every thing of them positive and accept them the way they r … All d best πŸ˜€πŸ€—


Yes you can! Heyyy! Let’s catch-up on Instagram? My username is @thegirlnextdoor5307

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