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Can I go a day without being reminded that I am an embarresment to the family
Even if my lil sister is the favourite child she don’t have the right to boss me around right?

Post anonymously?

Ugh I feel you, there’s literally nothing to do except trying to fix past mistakes and growing from them, although it will be hard, I know that you can do it! This is coming from one family embarrassment to another. :)


Yea (:


if you ever want to talk lmk


Its just that idk how she became the favourite child…I dont want to be the favourite child if I know that the other one will feel miserable like that…I just want to be loved equally
She might be young maybe that’s why but wht about lil bro😕…he is the youngest
She gets so much emotional support and they know when she is feeling sad and they will be there for her…but wht about me…I cry very much and can’t handle the tears but I don’t get that…
It feels like mom does not love me…she will sometimes sit down beside and be nice😊…but I don’t feel it anymore now I just feel confused or scared😂.
Yes it’s long…
If u also want to talk u can say so


When our mistakes are repeatedly pointed out, and we’re considered to be embarrassing others, it gets really disturbing. And yeah, my little sister to bosses me around and wants me to do things her way, as if I don’t have the right to decide my daily routine, or the stuff I want on my desk, or even if I wanna enjoy my hobbies, she always pokes me. Is there any way I can help you?


It must be hard for u too 😦…
For now I just need someone that understands and emotionally supports me

Hope you the best in life 🍀


I understand what your situation is. Feel free to share your feelings :)