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Can anyone suggest me some good LGBTQ series or movies. With a happy ending. I can’t stand sad endings 😅


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Uncle frank ( not sure about the ending)


Sad endings haunt me😣

O no i was about to suggest u ‘call me by ur name’ but u said no to sad endings. If u ever change i mind u xould watch it 😁


There are a lots of series and movies i have been digging but actually i watch them to feel good but being a gay myself I can’t handle sad endings I’ll try though 😅


Queer eye is a reality show. Havent seen but heard great things about it. There’s is love simon, pride, God’s own country. I would suggest moonlight but its not happy happy. Also will and grace has its protagonist portray gay men and its a comedy genre. Will and grace is available on telegram.


Okayy. I have some good series and movies in my mind too. All with happy endings when I’m in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend only these movies and series help😭. Anyways thank your for those suggestions ❤️

Series - Dark blue kiss, theory of love, Until we meet again, Love stage (anime), antique bakery (anime), Love by chance. I know a lot more but the thing is series are THAI. They all are available on youtube with English subtitles and they all are super good. But if it’s your taste, I can recommend more.

By taste I mean thai series and reading from subtitles. :)


Bruhhhh!!! Until we meet again was too pure. Why did you remind me of that😭😭😭😭. I’m still not over them.

And also language is never a barrier for me. My girlfriend is a huge fan of thai bl drama. She even wants to live there with me. Suggest me all series you know. as long as they have English subtitles. Also i would appreciate GL series too. It’s a hard thing finding GL series,😅. Thank youuu

If you liked UWMA, try I told the sunset about you. I highly highly highly recommend it.

Others - a tale of thousand stars, we best love, he’s coming to me, wake up ladies season 2(it has GL too), friendzone season 1 and 2(it has GL too).

I would really say watch ITSAY( I told sunset about you) it’s too toooooo too good.


I have watched friendzoned it was good. Okay so next would be ITSAY. thanks my budd for telling me all this. You are my savior. I can suggest some indian series too if you want. I’m like champ in this🤣😅

You’ll love ITSAY. I am telling you it’s a masterpiece. Heheh. Do let me know how it goes ok? How did you find it. You’ll have to watch on kissasian or watchasian. It’s not available on youtube.

And I don’t like indian series. Manga and anime suggestions are welcome ^_^


Even i didn’t like indian series but some of them are pretty good. They are like still far from reaching that milestone of actually understanding.
Okayy have you watched “Given” dude. It’s toooooo goood. One of my friend suggested it and hell it was awesome. It’s an anime.

Also could we talk somewhere else. Just if you want. Like insta or something. No forcing. I’m not a bad person just if you want 🤗