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By mistake Dad took my phone to hospital (some relative is admit it’s not covid). I am 25 My phone has password, n for whole life my parents knew my password (I don’t had a choice have to tell them) n at times they check my phone without even telling me… Few months back I noticed that all my unread texts were opened n later got to know it’s dad! he made a big scene just cuz there was a hug gif in my chat🤦‍♀️he even came to the conclusion that it’s my boyfriend n all blabla bullshit stuff… So after lot of drama explained him that it’s normal.
Since that day I changed my password n didn’t tell them, many tyms they asked but I just dodge the question.
Now current situation…he only have my phone… he is out n have to make calls. 😕But I didn’t tell him the password, he also didn’t ask directly. Here’s my confusion… Should I let him unlock my phone cuz that’s like need of the hour🤦‍♀️but m sure again he will go through everything n make a scene… Or should I act selfish 😔which I had been doing.
Is there anyway I can clear whatsap chat from other device, or just lock my all other apps.
😅Ps. M texting from dad’s phone.


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Tell him the password, and no there isn’t any way you can delete chats from other phone


of course, parents are overprotective and they will check and will never understand any kind of jokes and humour or emo g meaning doesn’t mean they are wrong. it is just a generation gap. so better to lock your app and gallery and give your phone to father without code. so, he can call and use ph without any interruption. and you lock your app social media app and gallery. there are so many option like appfinger print or secure folder.


Yes you can try this download whatsapp in your device which you have it now and try login your whatsapp in your device when they ask for OTP then again go back and try the same automatically your account will be logged out from the device which your father have …