The Transition from School to College amid a Pandemic

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Pragya Prachi

08 August 2020

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The Transition from School to College amid a Pandemic

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Every year from March to May, school students eagerly look forward to graduating from high school and enter the real world a.k.a college – a place where they get to study their favorite course in-depth, explore creative arts, meet new people from all around the country, and work towards bettering themselves in many ways.

However, this year the usual excitement around the transition from school to college has seen a hit as the sudden pandemic and resultant lockdown has put everybody’s much-awaited summer plans to waste.

The college admission process can be strenuous with crashing websites, long queues, and moving from one admin office to another, however, the pandemic has made it even more difficult this time.

Some of the problems that the pandemic has created for these high school graduates are listed below.

Farewell, school

With the sudden closure of schools and cancellation of exams, many graduating students did not get a proper chance to bid farewell to their school one last time. Several informal farewell parties are usually organized after long and hard days of Board exams end, to enjoy one last time with school buddies, most of whom one might not see for a long time.

Remaining Board exams

Many Boards across the country had a few remaining exams that could not take place as the COVID-19 situation took a serious turn and schools and colleges closed down along with a nation-wide lockdown. The uncertainty and ambiguity regarding the pandemic, rescheduling of remaining Board exams, and consideration over the online mode of exams had students fretting over their internet connectivity, syllabus, and health. The constant pressure of remaining board exams can have a serious toll on a student’s mental and physical health.

Pre-admission college events

A number of pre-admission college events are usually organized before admissions begin, such as counseling and QnA sessions, alumni talks, college tours, etc. These events help students interact with their potential seniors and teachers as well as help decide the course and college they wish to choose in the future. This makes the new journey they are about to undertake all the more exciting. However, this year’s transition from school to college amidst a pandemic has completely changed the usual process.

Problems for Non-residential students

A number of students apply to colleges in different cities or states which are quite far away from their home and travel to take admission as cut-offs are released. However, due to the pandemic, travel is restricted in many states, this poses a huge problem if lists are released suddenly, and the students are left hurrying to get state passes and tickets keeping in mind physical distancing norms.

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Way Forward

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the admission process about when it will start, whether it will be offline or online, however, fret not students! The University Grants Commission, the Ministries of Education and Health, and various other colleges will not make a decision that will be unfair and risky for most. Your much-awaited golden days will come soon! The admission process, when it does start will be announced much prior and will come with a set of guidelines that will ease your worries.

Now, the only thing one must be cautious about is the college application forms and the various points to keep in mind while filling them:-

  • Read the instructions carefully. Many students make mistakes on their college applications and then end up running around correcting them when admissions start. Also, keep a check on deadlines, it is better to mark them off on your calendars or keep reminders.

  • Select multiple courses. Even if you are sure that you will make the cut-off for your course of preference, select more just in case you change your mind or are not able to make the cut for your preferred choice.

  • Apply to multiple Colleges and Universities. A lot of colleges and universities have their own specialties so keep your options open and don’t be afraid to explore!

  • Be honest. Fill all your details and accomplishments honestly as the admission staff may verify them. Make sure your college essays represent your true self, the challenges you have faced, and how you overcame them, your strengths, and future goals.

  • Proofread your college applications multiple times and then give it to someone you trust to proofread once again for you.

Stay Positive

Follow these instructions with your heart and leave the rest to fate!

College is going to be one of the best times of your life and whether it turns out to be all hunky-dory or not, you will always remember it as it will help you grow in many ways and even give you friends that last a lifetime.

The college will not only make you more confident but also take you on a rollercoaster of emotions where you will learn how to think fast on your feet, be it from applying theoretical knowledge to practical use or to finding the quickest route to a cafe and still making it in time for the class.

So even if the transition from school to college amidst a pandemic hasn’t been normal, be rest assured that the journey you are about to take (even if delayed) will be spectacular!

All the best!

Edited by Annanya Chaturvedi

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