Corona or "Karo Na": Embracing The Sentiment In Our Lives

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Smarika Gurung

27 July 2020

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Corona or "Karo Na": Embracing The Sentiment In Our Lives

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“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them." – Oscar Wilde

What is Corona?

Writing about Corona is a herculean task, knowing that hundreds and thousands of articles are already online touchings upon varied sentiments in this world of Corona. Well, let’s stick to its official name i.e. COVID-19, or else this term can prove to be nostalgic for all those waiting for the lockdown to be lifted and finally have some ‘Corona’ with their mates.

In Latin, this particular term is defined as ‘crown’, which a Spanish astronomer later on borrowed and coined the word ‘Corona’, which now means the outermost layer of a star’s atmosphere. ‘Corona’ is actually important for the well being of some of the entities out there in the Milky Way. And here we thought that this is a completely negative word.

This fascinating word also plays its part in the world of Doraemon and Nobita, taking the form of a princess who, to my utter surprise, takes the name ‘Corona’. You can find this princess in a 3D platform action game for the Nintendo 64 called ‘Doraemon: Nobita to Mittsu no Seireiseki’, translated as ‘Doraemon: Nobita and the Three Fairy Spirit Stones’.

Similarly, the gaming world has also adopted this interesting term in our childhood’s favorite game ‘Super Mario’. Not to forget the ‘Corona Kingdom’ of Princess Rapunzel in the movie ‘Tangled’, a palace surrounded by a large water body; perhaps protecting itself from the outside world.

All these references might look ridiculous, but as an over-thinker, I’ll twist and mold its meaning to fit my world of imagination.

Why do I define Corona as a ‘sentiment’?

So this versatile word with myriad explanations also houses a multitude of sentiments. Many of you might have heard about ‘Alice in Wonderland’. For all those clueless out there, it’s a story about a little girl called Alice, whose life turns upside-down when she actually falls upside down a small hole and lands herself in ‘Wonderland’, and hereafter, you all need to read the rest of the novel yourself.

Coincidentally, COVID-19 has made us fall into a similar topsy-turvy world of Wonderland, surprising us at every nook and corner. Starting from its outbreak in China to WHO declaring it as a pandemic, and ultimately resulting in ‘Lockdown’ of the whole world. COVID-19 has indeed taken us all into a roller coaster ride, igniting our hearts with so many emotions that now, ‘Corona’ has a new outlook.

“Corona is a sentiment” which, hereby, can be defined as a resting state during the upheaval and contemplating our actions accompanied by a set of emotions such as fear, anxiety, excitement, and denial.

Since Corona is a sentiment, so it’s up to individuals to incorporate as many emotions as they want to establish the true meaning of ‘Corona’. For instance, as an Indian, I can indubitably relate to an ongoing popular meme, “Karo Na”, translating into “Please do it” or an exact opposite “Don’t do it”.

In view of the ongoing lockdown, the term “Karo Na” has found its way in our everyday life, for instance, “Haath saaf Karo Na” ( Wash your hands), “Bahar mat jaya Karo Na” (Don’t go out), “Nayi recipes try Karo Na” (Try out new recipes), and the list goes on.

How has Corona affected our lives?

We can further break down this ‘Corona’ sentiment into two categories; one applying to extroverts and the other to introverts. Spending or rather wasting time is proving to be a form of punishment for all those extroverts and a sort of haven for the introverts. While introverts are busy reading books, having their beauty sleep, finishing their pending assignments, checking out social networking sites or just lazing around; for our extroverts, all the tick boxes have been checked and all that is left is “to do something” or a mental asylum seems not so far.

People extracting various theories from times unknown and coming up with speculations such as alien conspiracies, an onset of zombie apocalypse, treatment of COVID-19 with garlic, coconut oil, the holy cow’s urine and so on, truly points out that human brains can never be challenged.

Furthermore, COVID-19 has forced us to acknowledge various facts and emotions, which we were unaware of during most of our adulthood, which includes health and hygiene. Also, we cannot shut our eyes to the fact that most people cannot afford these necessities, and despite our efforts to fulfill the needs of the helpless, disappointments are inevitable. However, one cannot always rely on a pessimistic approach towards life.

How should we look at Corona in these troubled times?

Increased family time, revisiting old hobbies, creating new skills, reconnecting with old friends, focusing on self-care, all should make us look forward to a better future.

The most significant one, which cannot be omitted here, is to value and appreciate our Mother Nature. During the days and months that followed this lockdown, I have been forced to introspect on the relationship between nature and human beings, and have come down to the conclusion that Nature allows us the opportunity to feel connected to a much larger world. To sum up, nature has reclaimed its position back, and we all are thankful for it.

Accepting Corona in our lives

A disruption in the form of COVID-19 has given us all a breathing space; a space to think, learn, grow, introspect, and accept every aspect of this situation.

Emotions like frustration, uncertainty, and depression are steadily integrating into our mundane lifestyle, but it surely cannot occupy the majority of our time. Back when there was no urban life, people did enjoy life without any gadgets, and maybe we all can too.

Unconsciously, we have given full power to this word ‘Corona’ and right now it encompasses all our emotions. We need to take this as a challenge and convert it into real opportunities. We need to nurture our minds and souls and reignite our passion amidst this turmoil.

Psychologists strongly believe that anyone can overcome their sentiments by just being mentally strong. After all, ‘Corona’ is just one of our sentiments and we definitely will be able to live through it.

Edited by Annanya Chaturvedi

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