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av @warrior01

Bit irritated. Slight frustration this morning.

Re-scheduled early morning calls. spending 1st half in sunlight, in calm & open place.

No suicidal thoughts - or maybe they are, but have become very weak for now.

Not feeling emotions. neither sad nor happy. Just relaxed.

Maybe after long - Iโ€™ll try cooking something in the afternoon.

& hope the corporate calls are straightforward & they donโ€™t do their regular nonsense stuff, irritate us & waste our time.
They are bunch of useless chaps with no clue, wasting companies money on stupid campaigns & launches. I wish Musk take over their company ;)

Will try to re-start my exercise routine - not feeling motivated & partially depressed for long time.

Not at ease or joyous. somewhat finding things difficult mentally. sense of numbness.

maybe I should start writing again.

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aami @lucid_honey


Itโ€™s okay dudeโ€ฆu r gonna be alright soonโ€ฆjust focus on something which makes u happy!! But I loved ur mentioning of Elon Musk๐Ÿ˜†

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