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Being an elder sister, I have been supportive and have always encouraged my younger one of her choices and decisions. I may as well say that I have been quite jealous and amazed of the clarity she has had in her line of thought and decision making. There have been several occasions that I have sought her advice which have did wonders. However, now that I see her progressing and she is moving cities for her internships (she is pursuing undergrad away from hometown), I feel that I am stuck and just not hustling. I am jealous of her actually studying/living away from home, to be able to secure opportunities which makes her travel. I feel fed up of where I am and just wanna make a move and live life on my own terms and see what is it like. I would not shy away from saying that whatever efforts that I am trying to put in to achieve that, they are not becoming real. I want a taste of that freedom and independence. It is different and difficult altogether to pursue certain things while living with family who will constantly question your actions, make you doubt your progress. All of this is so overwhelming and frustrating.


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I know how does things makes you feel like, I understand your situation about your self doubts …but listen did being jealous with others add up value in our success?
Did it make us feel any better?
No right ?so there is no use of being jealous with her…you know sometimes life put us in that situation when we saw that other person is doing well as compared to us…and it hurts us you know why, because we compare ourselves with them but tell me is it right in anyway?
Our competition is with ourself…and i know you try to become better at every single day…and trust me its part of your success…keep fighting keep practicing you will succeed in your plans one day…i believe in it…and instead of being jealous with her… support her as you are doing right now…she admires you secretly…Trust yourself… believe in yourself…and i believe you are becoming better every second of your life…and life maybe tough journey for you right now, but your destination is incredibly beautiful…just have faith…💜


I know she considers me as her cheerleader however it’s really overwhelming to know that I am stuck. My efforts are feeble and am not going to be rewarded anytime soon.

Your efforts never goes into vain sister…just trust the process and be patient with yourself… keep believing in yourself…trust yourself…you will gonna make it someday…


I just and a showdown of my anxiety and whatever with her. She started tutoring me on how I am not doing anything about whatever I am desiring of. I am so agitated right now. She then started even saying how it’s just all in my mind and this and that. I cannot hold it together. I really want to shout at Top of my lungs.

Listen i know how you feel about the certain things happening with you,and i completely understand your situation where you feel frustrated by all these things…but doing things which she is doing with you…will make any difference?
And you know people never ever see your reasons but they see your actions…even though your intentions are really innocent …as per my perspective… just Focusing on negativity around whether its from your sister or from your parents…and start Focusing on you, and your growth…take small steps towards your ambition…avoid people who let you down Everytime and COMMUNICATE with Positive people around which makes you feel better about you…it will takes time…but surely its worth it…and if something bothers you I’m right here for you. .


I am that younger sister to my brother, which you are talking about…
At first he was jealous but eventually he used my path as a guideline and planned his own… although not easy but he worked on it better than I would have… we both are doing well now… and have bonded better than before…

Its amazing that your sister has clarity and is able to make decisions… jealousy is inevitable but she has set a good example for you to follow… other people’s challenges are often a lesson for us to take a lot from…

Its not going to be easy paving your way… she definitely had her own challenges and you will have your own…

Make efforts until you succeed


Hi! Good on you! However, there is difference of approach and perception by our parents when it comes to both of us. I have this belief that somehow because of my sacrifices, she was able to achieve whatever she has till date. Of course, due credit to her own hardwork and dedication. It’s not easy when it comes to elder sibling. I am glad that your brother could do so.
Now that she is discussing what all she is going to eb doing when she goes out for her internship, I am feeling more let down. I am putting up with fake enthusiasm and cheering her on.