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At the end of the day, I realise I’ve only myself to go back to. Loneliness took its deepest roots a long time ago, so it mostly feels the same each day. I’ve been telling that I need to hold myself together, but how do I let go when I feel I’ve exhausted all my options? I keep telling myself the sky will be clear one day. I hope that day comes soon :’)


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Proud of you buddy for holding urself together… Don’t let ur hope die


Your day is now buddy

I am with you 😊

I am feeling like you… both on same page let’s talk and feel better




What happened? took a wrong career decision or something else is bothering you?


Loneliness isn’t a bad thing it is a blessing in disguise provided you don’t let your mind control your emotions when you are alone.

No one can stay connected with anyone forever so prepare for such times by staying detached by choice. Find a suitable activity to compensate for your loneliness the more engaged you keep yourself lesser lonely you will feel and in no time you’ll overcome it and start enjoying your me-time.