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As many of you know school is almost over so I have been trying my best to get A’s and impress my mom and dad, I was really close and had all B’s but all of my grades dropped to a C bc I had a test for all of my classes and I didn’t do well although it felt very easy. My sister saw my grades and she yelled at me saying I wasn’t trying hard enough and that all I did was being lazy. At that point, I wanted to cry because they don’t see the effort I put into my grades just to make them happy, and they always call me lazy because I was in middle school and I just entered high school so I am trying to change that habit of mine but all they do is notice my mistakes and not the effort. But what can I do about it, nothing right…it bothers me so much that they are always calling me lazy and dumb. Like I already have enough thoughts of my useless self just for them to give me more, if only they knew how words can hurt someone. But hey it’s okay it practically nothing that I am not used to, things will be okay even if I know they aren’t. For now, I’ll keep focusing on fixing my grades even if I feel like giving up
:) bye

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Kushagra @kushgpt

Keep focusing on the skills you want to develop in your future grades really don’t matter much if u have grate skills


Do u it for urself … dont do it for anyone else … i was also the person who was doing everything for their parents …. Them i started enjoying my studies and wanted to improve for my better future and it turned out good all the best i know you are working really very hard but study smartly as well … some people learn things in a different ways . Try it … all the best … u might think that ur family doesnt care about u . But they are the only ones who care about u … they are just worried about ur future …i know it hurts a lot … but cry it out … dont let it damage u from inside … all the best for ur future

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