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As I don’t have family and jobless since last three months. All my saving is finished as I also suffered from covid. My flat owner give me last day to pay rent or vaccant the place since last 3 days I don’t eat anything only drinking water as I am finished with money. Only 20k will sort my problem for next 2months till I get job… No one is helping me whom I know I ask them I only left with option to hang my self as I know everyone say it’s just matter of time be patience but they can’t understand from which phase person is going through. This is good platform to share ur feeling for me feeling relaxed that before going today I shared my feelings.


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Why don’t you ask for help from your parents or siblings

I don’t have family as everyone left me…

Why?? Maybe friends??

Sister I have ask all whom I know no one is willing to help…

And now I am feeling very low and hungry… After saying everyone that I don’t have money for food also they even don’t reply me to have food at there place.

You need job?? If you want sales job I can easily help you

I’m sorry that you have to go through all these things
Go to gurdwara there will get food pleaseeeeee eat food first
You might fall ill like this

Yes I need job I am in ahmedabad I can do any job. I visit gurudwara near by me but there is no food availability I don’t have vehicle to go far away and now don’t have energy too.

My id is there just open my profile and ping me on instagram I’ll send you details


Happy to see that you’re able to help him Shru. More Power to you ✨.
I feel you Ankush ji , these are tough times for you , i pray and hope that things will get better for you.

Give me your id

Can’t able to search u on insta as it showing many u can ping me on ankush_nowadays


ask any of your friend or relative a place to stay for a few days…never annoy anyone after being with a person then change to some other friends place if possible and continue till u are back on ur feet

I ask all known one no one is willing too help in any ways. This make me feels I always help them in any ways but after knowing my conditions everyone is ignoring me… There is no humanity left everyone whom I meet is selfish that the thing I understand in this situation… Thanks for ur suggestion


i understand…people leaving us at the time when we need them the most…but whatever happen i say we shoudnt change we shud help others in any way we can…even if they dont help us…cus people like us are rare and the world need more of us…and regarding ur current situation idk any more suggestions…just pray and have hope we will get in the most un expected ways…i too shall pray for ur well being its ramdan and the chances of prayers being heard is quite high …i wish u best my dear brother/sister…may god be with you and all your problmes be solved…trsut me it will be okay…

Have you tried paid internships/freelancing to earn money for the time being? And, if you’re at the age of job then trying to find a job through aggressive search? 😀