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3am ThoughtsThought


I will…But, warning, once i kill you, you will never have a chance to see who am I…We might meet each other but since u dont want, i ll have to dissappoint myself then.What a waste of my proper boba tea dinner Ive prepared for.


Yeah let me do it.dont regret this decision are gonna be in lot pain than you are now.once you die there is no coming might miss the may never thought you would feel that miserable missing gives you the,live on for can be happy OK


I wont kill you…Lets have a hug instead 🤗…Imagine the life u once wanna have as a child…Its never does a lie u made to urself .And never is impossible.Sometime, all we need is a bit persistence and patience.Dgaf about ppls bullshit and write your own story…Be unique…Cuz, we readers, never bought a book that has the same plot as everyone…Unique is just to be the way you want you to be…Again, The way YOU want you to be.Not by ppl opinion or influence…YOLO.So, fuck it and be a badass🦋🦋

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