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Does anyone know a way to casually bring up the subject of bisexuality in a conversation? I’m trying to get up the courage to come out for the first time to my friend and I’m looking for a way to kind of build up to it.

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Anonymous •

Um, well what I did was, I would find a picture of a couple and mention how idk they both look hot. Then I usually would find someone hot that’s the same gender as me and casually said “oh SHES hot” I also mentioned how I saw this cute girl walking past me the other day. Basically sublty mention how someone of the same gender is attractive. It works, trust me.

Anonymous •

When someone of the same sex walks past that you think is cute, just say it, like “wow” or “he’she is attractive”. Or just ask your friends opinion of bisexuality. Or just bluntly say it. I hope it goes well!!