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Any guy ever felt bad about the touch like I was in Mumbai local trains an old guy came to me and asked me ABT next station I told him … it’s the station name as I was holding the bars made in trains to hold suddenly he got his hands on my back like he is trying to hold that rod but I was standing there taking a support to not create I seen I thought I’m getting it wrong but his hand was getting more close and he was in front of me so he was coming closer to me and that made me feel bad so I ran from there and went to other gate.so Any one who can relate to this coz it’s not only girls,boys also get in situations like this and I was not able to do anything as I was standing near the gate and he asked me about station if I would have said something PPL would be like see how he’s shouting at that oldie u won’t believe he was approx 60 and I feel literally yucks …


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You should invest in pepper spray because once you spray it he will cause the scene you can just move away.
Or you could have even sprayed perfume in his eyes.
Sadly this is v common and I cannot assure that it will never happen again.


Actually I never thought that this going to happen and idc much just I wanna know if someone faced situation like this btw I would have punched him if he would tried to approach me the thing is u can’t say anything bcoz u are not sure ABT intention maybe sometime we can get wrong but whatever tysm for your advice 🙏🏻


To be honest better safe than sorry.
It’s ok if you cause a scene if you’re feeling uncomfortable.
I’d rather read abt someone who sprayed a weirdo than someone who felt very uncomfortable.
But just incase you really should get something for your safety.