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Any advice how to come out to your colleagues at work in a conversative Environment?


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I’m straight so I cannot really help you as I don’t know what you are going through and what your current situation is ,but this is what I think.
If you are scared of how they might react then casually ask them what they think of lgbtq+ in a normal conversation. If they react positively then you would have no problem coming out :) . If they are radicals and react negatively then you might have to reconsider coming out in front of em (that is if this job is super imp to you).

Thank you 😘! They make jokes sometimes and that is why i feel scared to tell them about my private life and feelings.

Do you think i sould continue to hide or be brave?


How important is this job to you ? Cause if they are radicals they might kick you out.
I know hiding your true self must be hard, but sometimes you have to do it if you are in a money crunch.
If you are not short on money then go for it :) . Be yourself spread love.

It is only part time and a limited contract. I will try to get an alternative and then do the outing when i have a safe alternative.

Thx so much for ur kind words


haha, I’m happy I could (somewhat) help you.

oh hon… don’t… don’t come out at the work place, u say that they’re conservative, don’t come out even if they’re open minded… u never know with people… and work is a place u can’t ignore… if ur friends judge u… u can cut them off… but cutting off your work place is not that easy, i mean u can’t just be like… fuck it i don’t want u in my life… u need them… not people… but work… u get ur income from them… and this doesn’t mean don’t stand up for urself… but don’t come out if u are not a 100% sure they will accept u

Thank you. Do you have Personal experience?

no… i don’t infact i’m still a student. but the society i live in is shit… and people arent very supportive… if u have an enviorment that’s supportive than come out… but even if u have the slightest doubts, don’t