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I am not feeling good since 2-3 days now I am a major people pleaser and because of this no one sees my worth everyone takes me for granted. I decided that it was time to leave this habit of people pleasing it is not going great I have no one to talk to no one ever sincerely asks me how am I . I am feeling really lonely . I get panic attacks at night and there is no one to talk to

Post anonymously?

You have to stop depending on other people!! At the end of the its just gonna be you!! Well if you wanna share anything i am here for you❤ i hope you’ll start feeling better…positive and good soon


How are you bro? You okay?


Hii !! How are you dear??
I am here for you tell me what happened?? Why you are not feeling well??


don’t depend on someone else like keep a diary write in it everyday and share everything in the diary and don’t show to anyone thn u will start feeling better…✌️✌️✌️


I am people pleaser too bro. I can understand your feelings very well but you have to make some deep connection with other guys. And never stop loving yourself because you are the best


Hey I don’t know how old you are. But as you grow old you stop caring about other people. So you better start doing that now.
You will get NOTHING if you care about other people, first take care of yourself and your family.
And whenever you get a panic attack, don’t give up. Think that your best kiss, your best days ,your best laughter are still yet to come.