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Am 24y old, my mom died 2y ago and my dad married again last year to a woman who has a son. Am living with them but her son doesn’t stay with her as her sisters take care of him and my dad told that he wont be looking after him at all before marrying her. Now something happened and her son wants to come here to stay for some days. I dont know how to react now, my elder brother stays in US with his wife and am staying with dad along with her. Now suddenly her son wants to come, so i don’t know what to do. It will be so awkward, we accepted her because of my father, I call her Aunty as I cant give her any title. She is good, i get sad sometimes thinking that she doesn’t speak much with her son. But, now that he is coming to stay her for sometime am getting awkward and tensed because now I cant speak casually with my dad. Alot of negative things are coming in my mind.


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Don’t bother about him. You just be yourself and do your own stuffs. If he talks to you be casual in talking.


Yes, thanks alot


Most welcome. Anymore help I can do for you ?

I understand how the things will be for you…but listen…we have to find out what you gonna do now…?
See there are two things you can do…either be formal with him and avoid interaction as much as possible … like if he ask something just respond…and another one talk to him, like what he study like that,in this way situation won’t be feel that worse…
Both of these choices upto you… whatever you choose…but listen i know its gonna really hard for you, but by thinking negative, it won’t change anything… right…so its better to deal this situation with kindness and wiseness…and if you still got some questions over your mind I’m here for you… take care


Yes thank you so much. I know it will be awkward at first for both of us but i guess being myself will help alot. I usually talk nicely with everyone so i will just think that he is a stranger and talk if possible.

Yes you can do this…and if something bothers you im right here for you…


See, whatever it is, you are probably overthinking. It will not be that awkward if you just stay normal and just have basic and necessary interaction.

And as for negative thoughts, feel free to share them, we feel better once we say things out loud