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Alright, here’s a thing. I don’t know why but… I don’t believe in Love. For me, Love just doesn’t exist (except parental love). It’s all in the books and the movies. But on the other hand, there’s a part of me which wants to find this so-called “Love”. But then BOOM welcome back to reality.
I really want to know if God makes such people who are capable of loving someone who does not even loves themselves and suffers from depression?

Post anonymously?

Hi…Thank you for sharing.
I hear you. I understand how you feel.
Yes, self love is important. You can fully love someone if you love yourself first.

I hope you find that person who loves you with all their heart.
You deserve that. You deserve all the love.
You precious human.

Have faith. Believe in yourself.
I’m so proud of you.

I’m here if you want to talk.


Thanks a lot :))


Loads of love. Stay strong you beautiful human. You got this.


Hi dear one,
Thank you for expressing urself
Thank you for sharing…
I can totally relate to this…
It is very difficult to come across someone apart from parents who will love you unconditionally…
Love shown in movies
Or depicted in novels
Is different from that of real world…
Yes ppl do fall in love
But it is not totally unconditional
The relations are based on adjustments n compromises
There will be happy times
There will be rough patches too …
Love is bliss
But love is pain too…
Love gives solace…
It causes discomfort n restlessness too…
Dear one,
May you find the person who will value n appreciate your wonderful emotions
N treasure your tender heart.
You deserve all happiness in life
N may u get it all…
All the very best to u
God bless u…

Dear one
You know in real life
The most hurting or disturbing thing is to fall in one sided love with someone
An incomplete or unreciprocated love hurts immensely

It is much better never to fall in love
Than to fall in love with a person who doesnot love you back…

Unrequited love breaks a person beyond repair…

I wish may u among those rare ppl who are blessed with genuine love in life…

Take care

Still then keep loving n pampering self
God bless


Thanks a lot for this. Guess I needed this. :) And now I am trying to love myself irrespective of what anyone says or thinks.
And God bless you too.